Not many college students get their real estate license while in college, let alone during freshman year. Andres Bustamante did just that, becoming a leasing agent so he could cover his housing and tuition costs. Andre didn’t know if he would go into real estate full-time after college, but when he found the BiggerPockets Podcast in the Summer of 2019, he decided to make the jump.

Andres reached out to a guest on the show, who later became his mentor and asked Andres to join his team! In his first year of full-time real estate Andres managed to sell 15 houses, with 15 more under contract as we speak. He lives in a house hack, has another house hack under contract, and bought an AirBnB as a short-term rental.

Since Andres had 1099 income he wasn’t able to take the traditional route to house hacking that W2 employees have available to them. Instead, Andres found new construction projects going up, put down earnest money for them, and locked in the deal. As Andres describes, he was able to get into these projects at “stage 1”, so as the builders were building, Andres was guaranteed a price for a house that was appreciating everyday in his growing market.

As Andres has been house hacking he’s come up with some great ways to verify that tenants will work for you and for your profit margins. He talks about what he provides, what he puts in his leases, how he decides on tenants, and more helpful tips for any aspiring house-hacker!

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