We’re joined today by author, consultant, and entrepreneur Brian Moran, author of The 12 Week Year. Brian holds a view that many BiggerPockets listeners subscribe to: you are more capable than you think. Through short term sprints, Brian has found that we can all accomplish long-term goals, regardless of the difficulty.

This isn’t just a strategy that works for real estate, this works in any industry. Brian has consulted with every kind of business, and the results speak for themselves. Regardless of job type, business type, or industry type, the 12 week year helps you accomplish more by doubling down on what you need to do most.

Brian also talks about the danger of long term goal setting, and even annual goal setting. It isn’t that long term goal setting doesn’t work, it’s that it presents us with a long time frame to accomplish something we could do far quicker. That’s how the 12 week year kicks our “unproductive mindset” to the curb, and gets us fired up to do great things sooner.

Many investors find it hard to break out of their comfort zone, do the things that they find hard, or even just feel motivated. The crucial part of finding success wherever you need it? Take action, start today, track, plan, and re-plan when needed. You’ll soon find that you’re fired up about things that used to seem scary!

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