The 5 Best Places to Raise a Family in the U.S.Raising a family in 2020 was more difficult than in years past. Parents had to balance working from home with general day-to-day household tasks, as well as help their children adjust to remote learning and feel somewhat comfortable during the pandemic.

A recent analysis from MoneyRates compared states across the U.S. in an attempt to identify which are best for raising families. The study gathered data on each state surrounding nine key factors:

Cost of living
Academic performance
Youth banking options
College affordability
Safety from violent crime
Availability of daycare
Children’s health
Neighborhood amenities
Broadband connectivity
Data across all nine factors were averaged, with each being weighted equally. However, in reality, some of these categories have taken on special significance due to the pandemic. For example, the availability of daycare is even more important with in-person learning being curtailed in many areas and broadband connectivity is essential to both students and work-from-home parents.

Best 5 States to Raise a Family

New Jersey

Topping the list for the second consecutive year, the Garden State ranks in the top 10 for six of the nine categories evaluated: academic performance, access to youth checking accounts, safety from violent crime, availability of daycare, child health, and access to broadband. New Jersey’s flagship college, Princeton University, is often revered as one of the best universities in the world. And its state university, Rutgers, is often considered to be within the top 100 best colleges in America, making this area an excellent place to raise future college students.

Massachusetts (Tied)

Home to Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and other prestigious colleges, it’s no wonder that Massachusetts ranks first in academic performance. It’s also in the top 10 for access to broadband, availability of daycare, neighborhood amenities, and access to youth checking accounts.

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