In this video, you will learn to be better at objection handling, how to move past your conditioning, and understand how rejection is an important part of the sales process, and how to use it in your favor. the customer said no now what? the hard truth!

0:52 Most sales will get it.

No is a normal part of the sales process, and you just need to shift your perspective and get past it.

2:15 Opens a window to thoughts.

Rejection opens a window for discussion about the reason for it, and you will have the opportunity to handle their objections, and educate them, which will build trust and rapport and help you to move forward toward the sale.
Without rejection, you won’t have the opportunity.

5:33 Often is a question.

The objection is often a question, and objection handling is the answer to it.

6:58 will be your best clients.

Clients that will reject and have a lot of objections, will be your best clients that you will have a long-term relationship with.
Practice objection handling, as it will make you a better salesman.

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