Lets talk about the claim that the stock market just peaked, and why stock prices have recently surged so quickly – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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First, lets talk about what’s recently happened with the stock market, and what’s caused it to go up SO MUCH lately:

Number one, is the “LACK OF UNCERTAINTY”
From an investors perspective, we have more information to use, we “know” what to expect – and now, with a little less uncertainty, investors can make more money.

Second, we now have a UNIFIED CONGRESS – which, turned out to be a good thing for the stock market.
JUST because investors now KNEW what to expect – the markets RALLIED, YET AGAIN, because now, there’s the prospect of a much higher stimulus package and other incentives that wouldn’t have existed before.

That leads us to the THIRD reason stocks have continued to go up: STIMULUS.
One of the biggest reasons the market rallied so much lately…was because of the new stimulus plan and increased government spending, which could have an EXTREMELY large impact on what happens with the markets, and your money.

So, what does all of this mean for you? Well, even though the stock market has so far peaked at its recent all time high – according to history, that doesn’t mean it can’t go even higher, and when we compare ourselves to the 2001 tech bubble – we’re still much more “reasonably” priced.

It’s important to understand this because, the more we know about the markets, the more comfortable we should feel to invest, and the less likely we are to panic when the market drops 1% and people post comments on reddit asking if they should sell everything.

The point I’m trying to make with this video is just this: you can ALWAYS find reasons to believe what you think the market will do. If you think it’s over valued, there are certainly indicators that you could find to prove that correct…or, if you think it’s undervalued, there are certainly OTHER indicators you could find to prove THAT correct. It’s just like the thinking: higher corporate taxes will lower stock prices, but higher stimulus will boost stock prices…either way, the market is what it is, and things tend to rise over time.

So, sure – maybe we COULD see prices coming down, but – we could also continue to see prices continuing to go up, ESPECIALLY in areas that are starting to get more attention, like in Green Energy. But, if I have any piece of advice when it comes to this – it’s just this:

Keep a 3-6 month safety fund at all times, and just keep investing. I realize it’s difficult to plow money into the SP500 when it’s at an all time high, or worrying that maybe things are downhill from here – but, over the long term, the price you pay today isn’t going to make a massive difference.

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