Tiffany Aliche is back for her third appearance on the BiggerPockets Money Show! We’ve talked to her about how to teach your children about money and climbing out from financial rock bottom, now we talk to her about making millions!

If you haven’t heard from Tiffany before, we’ll catch you up on her backstory. Tiffany was doing well with money up until her mid-twenties, then she hit a few snags, and even got scammed out of $35,000 from who she calls “Jack the Thief”. She was living with her parents in her thirties and had a lower net worth at thirty than she did a sixteen. This is what she refers to as hitting her financial rock bottom.

Thankfully, she had some friends who helped pull her out of her financial shame. She then went on to work hard, started putting away money in savings and investments, and now she’s running businesses making 7-figures, every month! That is no small accomplishment, but Tiffany doesn’t want to go small, she wants to go BIG! Big retirement accounts, big businesses, and big dreams!

Tiffany’s current goal is to hit $10,000,000 in retirement savings by fifty, but thinks she may be able to do so before she turns forty-five. This is all accomplished through creating big visions, setting the pace for the rest of her financial life, prioritizing tasks in her life, and farming out her profitable skill sets. Tiffany’s friends say that everything she touches turns to gold, but Tiffany says “I only touch gold!”

You can get Tiffany’s new book Get Good with Money today!

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