According to CNBC, nearly 40% of Americans cry during the process of selling their home. That sounds like a mental health crisis and a possible divorce waiting to happen. To help you avoid that, here are my top five tips for selling a home in 2021.

Top Home Selling Tips

1. Find your agent.
Should you use an iBuyer or should you use an agent? I pay more attention to OpenDoor stock than I do to my husband, and that’s because I believe one day iBuyers will take over the field of real estate and make me irrelevant. But that day isn’t here yet.

Do your research: iBuyers are still not a good deal for the seller. They take heftier commissions than the local market (they just call them something else, like experience charge or credit) and they are incentivized to pay you a lot less than market rates. For now, a traditional real estate agent still makes more sense.

2. Prep for the sale.
The seller should pay for their own inspection and address any major issues. This is an important step, as 95% of contracts that fall apart do so because of conflict during the inspection. By addressing major issues ahead of time, like the roof, sewer, or HVAC, you can limit the undue stress and lost time that frequently accompanies a sale.

Professional photos are inexpensive and very important. In Colorado, you can get approximately 10 for about $100. It’s a numbers game and you will get the most volume with the best photos. Do not skimp on this.

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