This week, Kyle and Lauren answer all of the questions they received about Big Green and their real estate investing journey. Everything from how to estimate rehabs costs and how to determine when to replace cap ex items to what flooring they used and what real estate goal they are working towards.

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EP 9: Signing Our First Tenant, COVID-19 & More DIY Bathroom Renovations on our BRRRR Investment

EP 10: Exposing Brick, Drywall Installation & Renovations on Our BRRRR Triplex Investment Property!

EP 11: BRRRR Triplex Investment Property (DIY Bathroom Renovation)

EP 12: Painting our BRRRR Triplex Investment Property!

EP 13: DIY Bathroom Renovations In Our BRRRR Rental Property!

EP 14: Landlording Disaster! How We Dealt With a Disaster On Our Rental Property!

EP 15: Landlording Nightmares & BRRRR Real Estate Investing | Rentals To Wealth -YIN

EP 16: Installing Kitchen Cabinets In Our Multifamily BRRRR Investment Property!

EP 17: Halfway Through Renovations on Our BRRRR Rental Property!

EP 18: Renovations Are Almost Complete on Our Rental Property!

EP 19: DIY Bathroom Vanity

EP 20: We Bought A BRRRR Investment Property! | Kitchen Countertops & Finishing Touches

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