Being a business owner is exceptionally rewarding in so many ways… but as all successful entrepreneurs know, it’s certainly not all glitz and glamour! We ALL experience problems, and the way we navigate those problems can make or break our business. But what happens when we take it a step further, creating new opportunities by choosing to not only navigate, but instead TACKLE complex problems head on?

Check out Stephanie Betters, founder and owner/operator of SocialMediaREI, Left Main Real Estate Investment Lifeline and Better Path Homes. Mastering the skills of managing it all, Stephanie talks with us about how she started two new income streams that originated from complex problems she solved to help her own business. Realizing many other business owners faced the same challenges, she began offering her product solutions on a broader scale — all while raising three young children and continuing to practice medicine full-time as a cardiac surgery nurse practitioner.

Stephanie tells us about her creative approach to self-solving a problem that would have otherwise cost nearly $100K to outsource, which ultimately led the world’s #1 CRM,, to come knocking at her door. She serves up a valuable roadmap of the right way to go about finding help (including that first daunting hire of a personal assistant); the critical importance of creating measurable, time-sensitive goals to move your business forward, and avoiding the all-too-common entrepreneurial trap of “starting to drive the bus without knowing where you’re going.”

And make sure you listen for Stephanie’s tips on working with your spouse, significant other, or partner… a challenge we all face when growing a business while keeping family front and center.

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