Ever wondered what it took to get a patent?  A trademark?  A copyright?  Or even the difference between the three of these things?  Ever wondered how they could be used to protect your business, as well as be used as an income stream for your business?

If so, this episode is for you!

Devin Miller — engineer, MBA and attorney, and founder of Miller IP Law — is an expert on both intellectual property (IP) and business.  And he is here with us this week to dispel a ton of myths about IP, as well as provide the information you need to start using IP to protect and enhance your business.

In this episode, Devin tells us how each of these different forms of intellectual property can  — and should be used — how much it costs to register each of them, how long it takes, and when we should (and shouldn’t) consider doing it.

And make sure you listen to the end, when Devin tells us about two books that have changed his perspective on entrepreneurship, and will likely do the same for you!

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Connect with Devin:
Devin’s Website – https://milleripl.com/
Strategy Meeting with Devin – https://milleripl.com/blogs/milleriplaw/schedule-a-free-strategy-session
Meet Devin – https://milleripl.com/blogs/milleriplaw/meet-with-devin-miller

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