Do you have strengths that can help other business owners?  Do you have skills that can be used to help elevate someone else’s business to new heights?  Do you have expertise that makes you the perfect partner for someone else’s business?

If so, starting a business isn’t the only way to become a successful business owner!

Dustin Reichmann — partner and co-owner of FireCreek Snacks — was able to take his marketing expertise and turn it into an opportunity that has propelled his and his partner’s business to new heights.  In this episode, Dustin provides us a blueprint for using your strengths and expertise to find opportunities to help other business owners, and ultimately create new opportunities for yourself as well.

Dustin talks about how to analyze your abilities and use them to start generating income for you TODAY.  And also use them to generate opportunity for tomorrow.  Specifically, Dustin provides us two great ways to turn anything that you’re good at into a potential new income stream!  We also dig into the nitty-gritty of product marketing, including how Dustin was able to get his product into some of the largest retailers in the world, including Walmart.

Make sure you listen til the end to hear Dustin’s amazing piece of wisdom for those scared to take massive action.

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