Has anyone ever told you “you’re really good at that, you should make a business out of it”, if so, you may have inadvertently found your “unique ability”.

Author and coach Dan Sullivan joins us to talk about the secrets of success behind the 20,000+ entrepreneurs he’s coached over the past few decades. If you’re finding it hard to scale up your business, hire on more staff, or get rid of the stuff you hate doing, Dan probably has an solution for you.

As someone who’s built a coaching empire AND been bankrupt twice, Dan knows a thing or two about what makes a successful enterprise, and what doesn’t. His key to success? Create a self-managing company, that allows you, the entrepreneur, to do what you really love.

Hate going through spreadsheets? Great, hire someone who loves it! Don’t like picking up the phone to talk to investors? Cool, get someone who likes to chat! Love giving presentations to prospective clients? Great, make it your main job!

Whether you have one employee or thousands of employees, Dan shows how simple it is to designate tasks, get the right person doing the right thing, and free up time for you and the whole team! The best way to hear Dan’s advice and grow your company? Listen to this episode!

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