Today, I will help you understand people’s behavior and why they act irrationally, and how your perception of each situation will affect the outcome of that situation.

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0:57 Level of perception

Your level of perception dictates the meaning that you give to a situation,
When we associate a meaning with a situation it will determine how we act.
Looking at a situation from a subjective level will have a different result from looking at it objectively, and with a focus on the resolution of that situation.

3:37 The lower-self and the higher-self

The lower-self is associated with your body, and it is emotional and impulsive,

And the higher-self is associated with your mind, logic, and critical thinking.
These two concepts are your gateway to understanding people’s behavior and knowing the right approach to respond to their behavior.

7:03 Authority figures

We receive information on two levels; your conscious mind and subconscious mind.
And our conditioning makes us receive information from authority figures directly to our subconscious mind as a command.
Understanding that, and learning to question these ideas, will make you wiser and more self-reliant, and you will be able to help yourself and the people around you.

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