You got your real estate license, congratulations! Let us start working… 
In this video, we will talk about the first week after you get your real estate license, and I will give you
the real estate beginner guide that will prepare you for the next level of your real estate career.

1:04 Tell everyone that you are a real estate agent.

The majority of people will want to help you, 
Call, text, or send a video, and let them know that you are a licensed real estate agent 

As a beginner in real estate, you will need this push.

2:23 Get a system.

Some real estate brokers will provide you with a system, but if that is not an option, you will need to get
a software to facilitate your lead generation process because it is crucial to have software from the first
week you receive your real estate license.

3:19 Daily working schedule.

You have to dedicate 2 to 3 hours a day for lead generation because your career in real estate can't
survive without feeding it with enough leads,
And as a real estate beginner, you have to do the extra hours.
You will also need to include daily rituals to get you prepared for the day, and practice role-playing and
cold calling, and to educate yourself on the contracts and the real estate selling process.

5:20 Get out in the field.

Get to your local businesses around you and introduce yourself, especially if they know you, and tell
them that you are a licensed real estate agent.
Be known in your area, and door knock around you, and let people know that you're a licensed real
estate agent and offer your services.

7:28 Document what you are doing.

Document everything that you are doing, take videos, and post it, show people that you are working and
building your career in real estate.

9:00 Plan ahead.

Plan for your next real estate seminar or event, even if it will be months from now.

9:32 Build your team.

Your team does not mean only real estate agents, but also your transaction coordinator, your lender,
and your home inspector, because they will help you fill these real estate seminars, and they also can be
sponsors for you.

Start and follow this beginner's real estate guide, and you will succeed in your real estate career and be
ahead of the industry.

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